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Latest Projects

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Here is one of kitchens 4 u ‘s common building jobs where we have cut through a wall to create a doorway / archway between the kitchen and dining room.

This involved moving the radiator (left hand photo) cutting out the lightweight concrete blocks, installing a concrete lintel , fitting metal angle beads and making good with plaster to give a building job that is smooth and seamless.


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One of the more major building projects carried out by k1tchens 4 u is the construction of conservatories.

This conservatory was built on a steel base which we fabricated in our workshop. The advantage of using a steel  conservatory base is that  foundation pads are used instead of  traditional trench foundations.

This method of building conservatories is especially advantageous  when the conservatory is located to the rear of the main building and access by mechanical diggers is impossible.

The conservatory base is constructed of 75mm x 75mm box section perimeter with 75mm x 40mm box section joists complete with adjustable legs for easy levelling. This floor structure  is then insulated and covered with flooring grade chipboard giving a warm, insulated damp free structure on which to build  the conservatory.

The right hand photo shows the base bolted to the house and that custom joists can be added to frame around drains so that they can be accessed from inside the conservatory if need be.

The photo to the left shows the insulation in place ready for the flooring to go down onto the steel conservatory base. Below is the flooring fitted ready for the coservatory to be fitted

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Building this conservatory has created a fantastic  light and airy space, a beautiful extension to any home

Wall Removal

One of the common requirements to improve a property is the installation of steel beams or lintels and the removal of walls. The trend of older houses is that rooms tended to be small with dining rooms separate to the kitchen.

The modern trend is to open up the layout for an open plan living allowing more light to enter.

Finished Kitchen

Beams Installed

This is the same view point as the finished kitchen below

Steel awaiting fabrication

Adjustable steel props supporting the floor and walls above to allow removal of the walls which are load bearing